Dan Pieper is the best there is. Perfect listing and sold in 48 hours! He was always available for any questions we had and his recommendations were excellent. Extremely happy with the sale of our home.

Kathaleen H
2 Months ago

All calls, texts and emails were quickly answered.  Highly recommend.  Having sold my house almost a week ago I am still reeling in the good sensations from the experience. Not just from the sale of the home but also the unbelievable feeling to be so lucky to have Dan as my realtor. My needs were not typical of someone selling a home. I lived 250 miles away. I needed an agent that would look after the house since I was an absent owner. From the moment I handed the keys over to Dan he took command of the house. Already thinking I was going to have to make multiple trips to the house on weekends or burning vacation days from work Dan assured me he had everything under control and said this could be the last time we meet if that is the route I choose to take. Well, needless to say , I did not believe that. Boy, was I ever wrong . Dan oversaw the remodel of the house, managed my contracor and provided valuable feedback on the progress with pictures, email, phone call and texts. He also checked on the house regularly while it was vacant over very cold winter months. Dan was also in close in touch with me throughout the showing process.When activity started to pick up a few days after a price reduction his excitement spilled over to me as he expressed confidence that a sale was coming. I started to feel the thrill of the sale . Within a few days an offer was submitted and Dan coached me through a counter offer that was quickly accepted. I was extremely pleased with the sales price and terms .Would I recommend Dan Pieper to any one with real estate needs.

Paul S
40 Months ago

The best we've ever worked with!!I had no idea what to do. Dan gave me his contact information, and I used it FREQUENTLY and he ALWAYS knew what to do!Dan was excellent. I had to work with several groups for this homesale, whether it was Dan, my relocation company, contractors for repairs, my parent company... Dan had the best response time out of all of them. He would get back to me outside of normal working hours to help me.Dan had an educated and confident grip on estimating the market and selling my home! He was able to recommend a price appropriately that was much higher than I expected I could sell for, and it was only like a week and we had someone bid who eventually completed a contract with us! I was impressed thinking it was a long shot, but he seemed confident and was not only able to go for it, but to execute and finish as well. I think he must have great knowledge of the local market.We used every means of communication from face to call to text and Dan was always excellent. In early stages of my homesale, I was evaluating whether to move forward with Dan or another realtor, and his excellent communication skills and professional demeanor are what won him my clientship in the first place.Excellent.There needs to be a category higher than excellent for this. Partway into our contract period, we uncovered massive problems with our house that I was unaware of. Basically, literally three days after a contract was signed, we starting having water from our AC unit seep from the bottom of some wall trim in the basement. We tore down the wall to make repairs and found mold. I was literally already 1000 miles away in Florida and couldn't easily address it myself. DAN TOOK CARE OF ME BIG TIME. He helped arrange inspections, collect bids, organize repairs, the whole shebang!! We had someone tear down walls, someone repair AC, walls were built, outside work was done, then we had surprise electrical work. I'm in florida freaking out, not only because I don't know how to get all these repairs done from 1000 miles away, but because I'm completely expected my buyer to back out. Dan is the Man. Seriously. He bailed me out so hard. I can't believe he even stuck with me I gave him so many problems. Fantastic guy. I owe him. He took care of very SERIOUS problems, difficult and complicated ones, and managed to keep the buyers in!!!!!!!!! THANKS DAN!I would publicly vouch for and defend Dan any day! Amazing customer service, some of the best I have ever received.  Just overall fantastic, 

Andrew R
75 Months ago

The best we've ever worked with!!Dan made our whole process amazing and virtually stress free! We love our new home!

Sally M
86 Months ago

Most professional agent I have ever worked with!  Returned every text and every call immediately!

Bob L
99 Months ago